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At <mount/alpine> we are proud of our history, the work we do, and the clients we've worked with. See what they have to say about us:



"We were able to modernise the way we report findings for an established clients’ monthly tracker project. We no longer rely on sending PowerPoint reports, we now upload the data to the data viz portal and then they in turn work their magic and upload the data into the bespoke dashboard they’ve built for us. Now the client just logs in and views their project findings through the dashboard system. Great time saver and the client very much likes as they now have 5 years’ data at their fingertips at all times, and within one place. The dashboard system they built is intuitive and clean; the client needed very little time to become comfortable using too, which was a bonus"

Anya Ensmann,
Senior Project Manager
Basis Research

"We wanted to deliver an online tool that solved all of our client’s tabular analyses needs. <mount/alpine> created a system that allowed our client to drill down into collected survey data in real time, using their proprietary dashboard application. The contained data included a large quantity of variables, netted variables, and filters that users interact with through a visually pleasing and easy to use interface, greatly enhancing the efficiency of their data analysis experience. tabx as a deployable product is superb for this."

Polly Shrager,
Research Director

"We needed one of our web properties overhauling, updated and quickly. Mount Alpine professionally liaised with our current vendor, moving our websites to their servers and setting up all associated services within days. Cannot recommend them more highly."

Charles Boote, Founder
Context Consulting

"The team at Mount Alpine delivered a great dashboard solution and we were impressed with their dedication and desire to get things done. This project required a number of changes along the way, as a result of developing client needs, and the team at Mount Alpine showed themselves to be responsive and quick at making changes, often with little notice. Their responsiveness made the project much less stressful! They understood our needs well, were proactive and I enjoyed working with them on developing this solution. I would certainly recommend them."

Paul Nola,

“<mount/alpine> has built us a web-based solution (scriptr) for the management and storage of our questionnaire scripts. We can now store every question we use in a unified question library, which can then tell us exactly which questionnaires a given question has been used in. Scriptr allows us to associate questions, statements and answers to clients, saving us time as we construct our quarterly surveys. The web-app has been enhanced multiple times as we think of integrating more of our processes into the system.”

Cian Murphy,
Head of Data Analysis
Delta XML

"We asked Mount Alpine to help evaluate our current website solution, from security to code quality. They worked with us on-premises and produced comprehensive reports to help us figure out the priorites going forward. On return visits, they worked within our secure hosting solution to address some of the items raised quickly and mostly under budget. They are great people to work with, clearly knowledgeable and keen to help!"

Phillip Barratt - Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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